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ScreenBeam Wireless Display Kit (USB Transmitter + Receiver)

ScreenBeam Wireless Display Kit (USB Transmitter + Receiver)

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Enjoy your Favorite Videos and Photos on the Big Screen

Tired of gathering family and friends around your laptop or phone to see your vacation photos or funny video? With ScreenBeam's Wireless Display Adapter Kit, you can mirror whatever is on your smartphone, tablet or PC* and display onto your HDTV. Surf the Web or watch movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or YouTube - all from the comfort of your living room couch.

Works with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast device

ScreenBeam is based on the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast standard that simplifies discovery and setup, so you can easily mirror any content from one device to another in the home or office. Annual shipments of Miracast-certified devices are projected to top 1.5 billion in 2016... that's a lot of interoperable devices.

Don't have Miracast? No problem. Use ScreenBeam with Windows 7/8 PC today

Don't worry if you don't have a Miracast-certified device yet. We provide ScreenBeam software for Windows 7 and 8 devices, so you can start sharing your displays today.

Easily Display Presentations or your Entire Laptop Screen in the Conference Room or Office

Need an impromptu meeting in the office? Have a big presentation in the conference room? With ScreenBeam, you can push your entire laptop screen or just a portion to a large HDTV. And in the conference room, you can easily share your laptop screen with the projector for hassle-free presentations.

Take ScreenBeam with you Wherever your Laptop Goes

Traveling? Take ScreenBeam with you to push whatever is on your laptop to the HDTV in your hotel room. In a meeting? Use it to display that spreadsheet that everyone needs to see from wherever you are in the room. Just staying home? Sit back and use ScreenBeam to enjoy your favorite videos from any site on your HDTV.

How Does it Work?

Actiontec's ScreenBeam allows you to mirror whatever is on your smartphone, tablet or PC display onto your HDTV* because it transmits whatever you see on your screen onto your HDTV wirelessly.

Better Quality with ScreenBeam Specific Wireless Network

ScreenBeam creates a dedicated wireless display connection to your HDTV that's separate from any existing Wi-Fi network. This means you can stream HD content all you want with ScreenBeam without any impact on the Wi-Fi network you use for social networking, voice, data, and more. Likewise, your ScreenBeam video won't be subject to any hiccups, congestion, or slow-downs in your Wi-Fi network.

Premium HD Video and Audio Experience

Shed high-priced wires without compromising your HD experience. With this state of the art wireless kit, you'll enjoy up to 1080p full HD video and HD audio for a pristine picture and sound.

50-foot Range and No Line of Sight Required

With ScreenBeam, you can mirror what's on a device to a display up to 50 feet away. No line of sight is required, meaning you can wirelessly display the content from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone even if it's locked in another room!

Everything you Need is Included

The ScreenBeam Universal Wireless Display Adapter Kit includes a USB transmitter for your laptop, a receiver that plugs into the HDMI port on your HDTV, and an easy-to-follow software CD. Setup is as simple as plugging in the transmitter and receiver.

Unlike Other Solutions, Screenbeam...

1. Can be used with Windows 7 or 8 laptop/desktop.
2. Works with Intel systems with WiDi software 3.5 and up..
3. Works with Wi-Fi certified Miracast smartphones, tablets, or laptops/desktops..
4. Is HDMI-certifed for high quality connection to your HDTVs and projectors.

*Compatible with any laptop, tablet or smartphone that supports the Miracast standard, including Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices.


Minimum System Requirements

Wireless Display Receiver
•HDTV monitor with one free HDMI port
•Available power outlet

Wireless Display Software
•Laptop or PC
•Windows 7 or 8 (32/64-Bit)
•Recommended system requirements (for optimal video playback experience)
•Processor: AMD A8 or Intel Gen 3 Core i5 equivalent or higher
•Memory: 3GB of RAM or more
•Minimum system requirements (for web browsing, presentations, or slideshow)
•Processor: AMD A6 or Intel Gen 3 Core i3 equivalent
•Memory: 2GB of RAM or more
•Hard disk space: 150MB or more
•Misc: Available USB port

Wi-Fi Miracast devices or systems with Intel WiDi

•Miracast-certified smartphone, tablet, or laptop
•with native or 3rd party wireless display application

•Intel WiDi:
•Compatible Intel WiDi laptop
•with Intel WiDi 3.5 or higher software
(See for latest software and drivers)

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